Hello all!

My name is Jenny Rubio, and it is my privilege to serve as the President of our Catholic Campus Ministry at Virginia Commonwealth University this year! I want to welcome all of our new (and hopefully super excited) students, welcome back our awesome returning students, and say hello to all of our wonderful families!  I am looking forward to what this year has in store for us!

This year, I am a senior who will graduate as a Biology major on a pre-medicine track. The past three years have been filled with numerous challenges, and just as many blessings—most of which I can thank our Catholic Campus Ministry for. CCM gave me the community I needed, especially since I am a first generation college student. I found that I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing when I got to campus, and the students in our ministry gave me a beautiful example of what it meant to be motivated and studious, as well as a good Catholic. I am very grateful for all of the encouragement and support I had from my fellow CCMers, especially during the high stress of exams.

I can honestly say that I struggled to balance my time between studying and going to the gym and attending my professor’s office hours. I became easily overwhelmed with the billions of things I felt I needed to do, so I slipped away from my faith. My time was divided into too many different tasks, and I forgot to prioritize my prayer life. One day, a friend of mine invited me to attend her small group, or bible study, and I dove into Scripture with a handful of other students. It was really incredible to learn from everyone’s different perspectives and thoughts on the readings. I was not only able to build relationship with the other small group members, but I started to build a relationship with God as well. Those in my small group checked up with me and helped to keep me accountable with the prayer goals I set for myself. It wasn’t long before I got into a nice rhythm, and I was able to invite Christ into my busy life and make sure He stayed a part of it!


I truly hope all of you will take what our ministry has to offer! Please know that each of you is welcome, and there is always a place for you at our CCM. Whether you are new to your faith, or whether you have been walking with Christ for a long time, I invite you to introduce yourself to me or to any other student in our ministry. We are all here for you! If you need a friend, or even if you just need to directions to a lecture hall, our CCM doors are open!

My prayers are for you, and may God richly bless you this school year!

Yours in Christ,
Jenny Rubio